Cimmaron Field Services

Cimmaron Field Services began offering land acquisition right of way services in 1993. Since then our client list has grown to include oil and gas companies, public utilities and the public works departments of a growing list of state, county and municipal government agencies.


Our growth has been fueled by the ongoing demand for new resources and infrastructure, as well as a realization on the part of our clients that we provide a better strategy for quickly bringing critical, new services online.

Specialization allows us to offer field-tested, performance-based services that are reliable and cost-effective, enabling us to bring extensive knowledge and proven experience to every project. Even more so than the best equipped in-house department.


We recognize that our industry is changing quickly and profoundly. To keep the pace and ensure continued positive results for our clients, we are continually evolving and improving our technological and professional resources.

If your organization is ready to explore a more efficient, cost-effective strategy for petroleum land services and right of way acquisition and development, we invite you to learn more about Cimmaron Field Services.